I love social media.

I love the algorithms and the changes that happen unexpectedly. Social media is exciting and fast-paced but for many, it can be overwhelming and daunting.

Probably THE MOST common area of business my clients want to improve is their social media.  I have put together a list of my top tips so YOU can build a killer social media strategy that will engage, entertain and convert.

But before we go into the nuts and bolts I want to state one thing up front…

Do not create your brand on social media. Showcase it.

The tips below will effectively boost your engagement ONLY if you have done the groundwork.

What’s the groundwork? Define your value proposition, know your target market and be clear about your mission.

Social media is a conversation and if you don’t know who you are talking too it won’t work for your business. So go and define your market and then let’s go!

Tips for Building A Killer Social Media Strategy

Tip #1: Curate Your Social Media Content.

Yep – curate it. This is your brand showcase so make sure every piece of social media content reflects your brand. If anything is out of place, or no longer relevant, delete it!

Why? Well, think about when you come across a new brand on social media. You go to their page or feed and you check out all their previous posts to see what kind of content they are dishing up. Your customers are doing the same to you. So across all social media platforms – delete the poor performing content, ugly content or content that is not relevant. Don’t worry if this means you are heavily reducing volume. A smaller number of GREAT pieces is much more valuable then allot of mediocre pieces.

Side note: I used to worry that people would complain or notice that I had removed old content. Guess what?! No one did! So go ahead and delete it.

Tip #2: Use Humor Sparingly

Fact: Humor is THE MOST shared emotion on social media…but don’t go overboard.

Humor can be a great way of driving engagement and getting more eyes on your brand… but… you can also confuse people if all you are doing is sharing cat meme’s (unless you are a cat business).

When using humour always keep it relevant. Look for opportunities where humour can really showcase your brand in the best possible light.

A great example of humour AND showcasing a brand is Oreo’s.

During a blackout at the Superbowl, Oreo creatives jumped on social media and shared this simple but totally relevant graphic. The graphic got an insane response and AMAZING exposure to the brand, more than they would have received if they had paid for an advertising spot.

Read more about this advertising win for Oreo here>>


Tip #3: Don’t Run More Than 2 Advertisements

As tempting as this is – resist!

Why? Because you don’t want to be bombarding your customer and be seen as noisy. PLUS, it is ALWAYS more effective to tweak and target 1 advertisement then to run 5 bad advertisements simultaneously.

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all provide AMAZING insights for businesses – so use them! Watch your advertisements and how they are performing. If it isn’t gaining the traction you would like, tweak it or delete it. Save your money and rethink your advertisement and then run it again.

Social media is a great place to trial advertisements and see which ones generate the most bang for a buck and this leads me straight to my next tip…

Tip #4: Convert to a Business Account

This is super important. Business accounts give you access to all the awesome insights and analytics each of the social media platforms has available, including Instagram.

Yep – Instagram. I love Instagram!

Instagram was purchased by Facebook last year and as the newest member of the Facebook family, they have been able to leverage all the great Facebook Insights for businesses.

Once you have converted to business accounts – set up a time AT LEAST once a month to check on your social media accounts. Look at the top 5 shared pieces of content, and the top 5 most liked or commented on pieces.

Can you see a theme across these pieces? Can you create something similar that will continue to engage your customers?

You can read more about Instagram for Business here >>>

Tip #5: Track Your Stats!

If you are not tracking your social media activity AT LEAST monthly (ideally weekly) then complete the next 2 steps right now! It will take only a few minutes…

  1. Open a Google Sheet, add a row for all your social media channels and then each month note the number of likes or followers.
  2. Open a new tab in your Google Sheet and across each platform, note the top 5 pieces of performing content for each month.

You can not manage what you don’t measure – so go and set up your social media report NOW!

Tip #6: Show Yourself

It’s really easy to hide behind a brand name (I know, I’ve done it!). Some even think this is the best tactic for growing your brand on social media.

It’s not.

You don’t want 1million people to like you, you want 100 people to LOVE YOU!

We want RAVING fans. We want SUPER ENGAGED. We want them talking and sharing.  We want them conversing with you in the same way they would converse with a friend over coffee. We want REAL CONNECTION… but to do that you have to give them something real to connect with – YOU!

If you stuff up – no problem! Use it as an opportunity to show who you really are and what you are made of in your response.

There are countless examples of brands showing their human side across social media – you can read examples here >>>

Bonus Tip #7: Best Time to Launch Is….

So you want to launch something and you are wondering about THE BEST time to do that on social media…

Well… the BEST TIME TO LAUNCH is… Thursday lunchtime.

Yep – Thursday is usually the day people get paid. Lunchtime is when they are feeling cashed up and dropping onto social media during lunch and they are nearing the weekend, so they (we) are feeling hopeful.

There is a great infographic for all the best launch times across social media here >>>

Use these tips and you will be well on your way to a killer social media strategy, but as always, if you have any questions please leave them in the comments below.

Enjoy ~